What are the ‘NRA Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety’?

  • Treat every firearm as if it is loaded at all times
  • Control the muzzle, always keep firearm pointed in a safe direction
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you have identified your target and are ready to shoot
  • Keep the weapon unloaded until you are on the firing line and ready to commence firing

What is a cold range? A cold range is any range where firearms must be unloaded at all times unless at a firing position and approved to load firearm.

If I have a CCW can I carry my pistol concealed on the range? Concealed Weapons are Not allowed on the property. This is a cold range so there are no loaded weapons except on the firing line.

Why can I not wear flip flops or open toed shoes on the range? When shell casings are ejected from firearms they are very hot and if it lands on the bare skin of your toes you may jump or jerk. We do not want you jumping or jerking while holding a loaded weapon.

Why can I not use steel core ammo?  Steel core ammo will defeat the safety barriers in the range bays, do more damage to our target frames and is more prone to skip and ricochet.

Why do the Range Safety Officers check my ammo with a magnet? The magnet is used to detect steel core and bi-metal projectiles. Lead and copper are not magnetic. If it sticks to a magnet it is not allowed on the range period.

Can I share eye and ear protection on the range? Foothills Public Shooting Complex requires anyone on the range, whether spectating or shooting, have eye and ear protection at all times.

Do you have memberships or annual range passes? We are a public range so there are no membership requirements. Our range fees are a bargain and the fact that the fee covers all day at all ranges really increases the value. We do sell gift cards in any amount you would like if you are looking to give the gift of shooting to someone special.

Why can I not wear tank tops or opened neck shirts? Same as with flip flops and opened toed shoes, a hot shell casing going down your back or chest will be very distracting… we know this from personal experience.

Why can I not use green tips, hyper velocity rounds, 338 Lapua or 50 BMG on the ranges? The ranges were designed for rifles most commonly used in the region for hunting and sporting uses, therefore, the safety barriers, fall out zones and targets were not designed to handle these more “exotic” rounds and velocities. Allowing these rounds would exceed the engineering requirements in place by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission who designed and built the ranges.

Why can I not use fully automatic, bump fire or other accessories that allow for rapid fire? Each shot must be controlled and aimed at a proper target so the rounds will impact into the berm. Controlled and aimed fire increases in difficultly as the rate of fire intensifies. Not safe for most shooters so it is not allowed at Foothills Public Shooting Complex.

What are the rules for bringing youth out to the Foothills Shooting Complex?  All youth must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before they can get out on the range. Sorry grandparents, aunts/uncles, brothers/sisters, you cannot sign unless you are the legal guardian.

A paid adult must accompany all youth:

  • 12-17 years old can be supervised by no greater ratio of 1 adult to 5 youths
  • 11 years old and younger must have 1 on 1 supervision at all times

Do we sell ammunition?  Yes, we do sell 12 and 20-gauge shotgun shells. We currently do not sell any rifle or pistol ammunition.

Why is holster drawing not allowed?  For normal operations, most shooting is done from our permanent shooting bays where there is a table surface at the firing line. To accommodate shooters with a wide range of skill and capabilities we want shooters to use the low ready position and not draw from a holster. This prevents fanning of other shooters and possibility of an accidental discharge into the concrete floor or part of the range structure where a shooter or spectator would be at risk of ricochet. There will be special events where drawing from a holster will be allowed.

Is the $10.00 fee for steel targets a per group rate?  No each person shooting steel targets must pay their admission fee as well as the additional fee for steel.

Why can I not shoot rifles at the steel targets?  You can use pistol caliber carbines or rifles chambered for .22 caliber or standard pistol calibers on steel. The restrictions are in place for the safety of shooters from fragmentations and to extend the service life or our steel targets.

Why am I sometimes limited to one hour in a shooting bay if the range fee is for all day? During our busiest times when we have shooters waiting for a bay, we will limit shooters to one hour in a bay and then they will have to rotate out for another shooter. You can get back in line and be rotated back in as soon as a bay opens up, or you can go to another range to do something different while you wait. We just want to be fair to all our shooters.

How can I host an event or class at the range? There is an informational packet you must fill out and we require you have insurance to cover your event or class. The cost will depend on size of group and activity you will be engaged in. Contact the Range Master at 704-447-8230 for details.

When does the range close for inclement weather?  We operate off the Cleveland County Government inclement weather policy. If we have to shut down range operations, we will post on our website and Facebook Page.

What is the $2.00 stand fee for? The $2.00 stand usage fee is for the use of stands that we provide here on the range. You will also receive one free target for each stand fee you purchase, and everything is provided on the range to hang up the targets, staple gun, staples, etc.…

Can I use tannerite targets on the range?  No, we do not allow any explosive or incendiary devices on the range. Regular latex balloons are allowed on the range; however, we require the area around the target to be cleaned up after using balloons.

Does the range provide targets for me?  One free target is given for each stand fee that is paid. Additional targets are available for purchase in the office for $1.00 each. Customers may bring their own target with them if they are not offensive in nature.

What constitutes a discounted rate?  17 & under, Veterans, senior citizens (65+), disabled, Law Enforcement, NC Wildlife, or Cleveland County employees can get on the range for $5.00 a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays (beginning July 1, 2017). For Law Enforcement, we require that you have the power to arrest. School teachers are not county employees, the state pays them therefore they do not receive the $5.00 admission fee. State employees also do not receive a discounted rate.

Do I need to reserve my range time?  No, Foothills Public Shooting Complex operates on a first come first serve basis. Admission fees cover all day.

I’m here to shoot at 30 minutes before close do I get a discount? No. Range admission will be the same price regardless of what time it is. If a shooter goes out to shoot and they shoot the 30 minutes to an hour before close the price would be the same as if they had come at 9:30am. Nor will the next day be free because of the late admission.

Why are only field tips allowed on the practice archery and 3D archery ranges?  The archery targets we use are only designed for field points, not broad heads.

Why the lead exposure precautions on an open-air range?  Even though your airborne exposure to lead is much less here than at an indoor range you will still get lead on your hands and body while shooting. It is very important that you wash your hands are you finish shooting to avoid ingesting lead particle inadvertently.